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Our goal is to provide a vast portfolio of advanced unlocked mobile phones at incredible pricing to thousands of dealer
agents, MVNO's, and large retailers throughout the United States and Latin America.

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Relentless attention to details and insistence on the highest standards of quality and performance set our devices apart from the competition.

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To fulfill its product responsibility and ensure customer satisfaction, FiGO focuses on raising product quality, providing appropriate information, improving services and developing Smartphones that are easy to use.

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We, at FiGO, know how to stay relevant in today's fast-paced digital world. We deliver innovative products through rapid, continuous development.

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Take advantage of our expertise, our agile approach and most of all, our strong focus on working together. With our passion for design and technology and our smooth project organization, we achieve the best mobile solutions.




  • Operating System:
    Android 5.1
  • Processor:
    MT6580 1.0 GHz
  • Memory:
    4GB ROM
  • Camera Resolution:
    5 MP
  • Battery:
    1350 mAh
  • Display Size:
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  • Operating System:
    Android 5.1
  • Processor:
    MT6735 1.3 GHz
  • Memory:
    16GB ROM
  • Camera:
    13 MP
  • Battery:
    2500 mAh
  • Display Size:
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  • Customer Feedback

    For the price it is definitely a bargain. And given that it uses the latest Android platform,
    nothing beats that. The platform is easy to navigate and the speed is great. Also storage is great.
    It is very small (4 inch screen) and light too.
    I love that, but my husband doesn't. He's used to big phones that are heavy!
    Overall it is a nice phone
    to have if you are on a budget and don't want to splurge on a high-end brand-name phone.
    Given that there were no reviews for it, it was worth the risk.

  • Customer Feedback

    Bought this phone and I must admit, for the price, it's great..
    Easy to use, decent design, good touch screen and version 5.1!
    This definitely had better specs than some of the others for the same cost.
    I'm happy I went with this one.

  • Customer Feedback

    I bought this phone after I had my ZTE flip phone for 8 years and
    I have tested out the IPhone 6S & 6S Plus & Nexus 6P but this phone was the best
    out of all of them. I love how the new android update allows me to save apps
    that are required on the internal storage to be placed into the external storage.
    The PPI is close to what is on the iPad Pro 9.7"
    so I do not get why people do not like the screen; it is retina display.
    I would definitely recommend this phone for a first time smartphone buyer or
    someone who wants to save on some cash

  • Customer Feedback

    I bought this phone in white from Amazon a few months ago.
    I started using it with my AT&T sim card. You have two slots in this unlocked phone
    so when I travel I buy a cheap pay as you go sim card
    in other countries and I am local wherever I go. This is a fabulous phone.
    It does everything the IPhone does without the huge cost. I am now with T-mobile.
    I have high speed unlimited talk and text, and 2.5GB data.

  • Customer Feedback

    This phone is awesome. You cant go wrong with this. You get more than
    what you pay for on an entry level phone. EXCELLENT PRODUCT FIGO!

  • Customer Feedback

    The MediaTek chip and 512GB of RAM in this phone might not be impressive compared to a flagship phone,
    but for day to day operation they perform admirably. Multitasking is generally quick,
    Youtube and Google Maps load quickly and the phone is loaded with what is basically stock Lollipop,
    which is great. There's no extra junkware to get rid of and the Play Store is ready to go.

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